Cardamom Bay

Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant for the best Curry in Bognor Regis
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Cardamom Bay Bognor Regis

Welcome to Cardamom Bay

Fine Indian Dining

This is the crucible of my work ethic.
I put in long hours and learned the ropes of every task in the kitchen.
The restaurant was in high demand, and years later, it's still a staple of the local community.

This place is an invaluable culinary experience for me and all of our guests.
It is how I wanted to expand my horizons.
I wanted to invest myself in something unique that would make people smile—something new.

Luxurious Experience

This is the pinnacle of fine Indian dining

Now, we are new and improved. We have built a fantastic extension to our restaurant. We are now twice the size we used to be – which means you have all the comfort and space you could want for a luxurious dining experience.


Best Restaurant in Bognor Regis

Best Restaurant in Bognor Regis by Trip Advisor three times

Together, with my brothers Kamal and Jahangir, we have created a menu and environment that has been voted the ‘Best Restaurant in Bognor Regis’ by Trip Advisor three times due to our incredible food and atmosphere.

I have tried to gather as much cuisine inspiration as I possibly can throughout the world. What we have here at Cardamom Bay is a totally different kind of cuisine than anything else I've experienced in my career.

The menu was centered around the freshest ingredients, which meant everything customers could order had to be the best of the best. This had a profound effect on how I looked at the world as a chef. From then on, I was going to make a difference for the community – whether sourcing food from local markets, or using premier flatware. That's when divine intervention brought me to find what I want to do with my career as a chef.


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Best Indian Restaurant
Our restaurant is well inspired to Indian style ambience to make sure all our clients have a wonderful experience...

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Fine Indian Dining
The menu is centered around freshest ingredients, which meant everything customers could order had to be the best of the best...
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